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Volume 42 Issue 1 January 2002
Volume 42, No. 4, October 2002
Profundity in Instrumental Music STEPHEN DAVIES, Free and Adherent Beauty: A Modest Proposal PAUL GUYER, The Irreducible Historicality of the Concept of Art JERROLD LEVINSON, Defending Musical Platonism JULIAN DODD, The Neglected Programme of Aesthetics STEFFAN W GROSS, The Tale and the Teller R A SHARPE, Intentional Forgeries and Accidental Versions: A Response to John Dilworth PETER KIVY. BOOK REVIEWS: Picture, Image and Experience: Robert Hopkins NICK McADOO, Science and Art: The Red Book of Einstein Meets Magritte: edited by Diederik Aerts; Ernest Mathijs, and Bert Mosselmans GIDEON ENGLER; New Essays on Musical Understanding: Peter Kivy CONSTANTIJN KOOPMAN; Word and Image in Ancient Greece: edited by N Keith Rutter and Brian A Sparkes SUZANNE STERN-GILLET; Art and Knowledge: James O Young GORDON GRAHAM; The Metaphysics of Beauty: Nick Zangwill DEREK MATRAVERS; Philosophical Shakespeares: edited by John J Joughin ROWLAND WYMER.
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Volume 41 Issue 4 October 2001
             Issue 3 July 2001
             Issue 2 April 2001
             Issue 1 January 2001


Table of CONTENTS:


GLENN G PARSONS and ALEXANDER RUEGER, The Epistemic Significance of Appreciating Experiments Aesthetically
JULIAN DODD, Musical Works as Eternal Types
P J E KAIL, Function and Normativity in Hutcheson's Aesthetic Epistemology
DALE JACQUETTE, Goodman on the Concept of Style
WILLIAM CHARLTON, Pictorial Likeness
KATHLEEN STOCK, Some Objections to Stecker's Historical Functionalism

Fiction and Metaphysics: Amie L Thomasson PETER LAMARQUE
The Politics of Judgement: Aesthetics, Identity, and Political Theory: Kennan Ferguson PAUL GILBERT
The Anaesthetics of Architecture: Neil Leach CLIVE CAZEAUX
The Aesthetics of Italian Renaissance Art: A Reconsideration of Style: Hellmut Wohl TOM NICHOLS

Postmodernisms Now:
Essays on Contemporaneity in the Arts: Charles Altieri TIM WOODS
Philosophizing Art:: Arthur Danto NICK McADOO

Sculpture and Photography:
Envisioning the Third Dimension: Edited by Geraldine Johnson JONATHAN FRIDAY

Art in the Social Order: the Making of the
Modern Conception of Art:: Preben Mortensen JASON GAIGER

The Philosophy of Modern Literary Theory: Peter V Zima OLIVER CONOLLY

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