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2002, Volume 1 (Issue: 3) ISSN: 1568-7759. Sommaire.

Special Issue on Emotional Experience

Contents  (Abstracts available):
Peter Goldie. Emotions, feelings and intentionality (pp. 235-254)
Lisbeth Nielsen. The simulation of emotion experience: On the emotional foundations of theory of mind (pp. 255-286)
Matthew Ratcliffe. Heidegger's attunement and the neuropsychology of emotion (pp. 287-312)
David Pugmire.  Narcissism in emotion (pp. 313-326)
Rudolf Bernet. Unconscious consciousness in Husserl and Freud (pp. 327-351)

2002, vol. 1, numéro 2.

Vol 1: Number 2 (2002)
Special Issue: Francisco Varela's Neurophenomenology of Radical Embodiment
* N. Depraz: Introduction
* A. Weber and F. J. Varela: Life after Kant: Natural purposes and the autopoietic foundations of biological individuality
* R. Barbaras:  Francisco Varela:  A new idea of perception and life
* A. Lutz: Toward a neurophenomenology as an account of generative passages: A first empirical case study
* M. Le Vanquyen and C. Petitmengin: Neuronal dynamics and conscious experience: an example of reciprocal causation before epileptic seizures.
* M. Bitbol: Science as if situation mattered
* A. Cohen-Varela: Conclusion
Prochains numéros:
1.3 - On Emotion: papers by Peter Goldie, Lisbeth Nielsen, Matthew Ratcliffe, David Pugmire, Rudolf Bernet
1.4 - On Dreyfus: Representation and Anti-Representation: Hubert Dreyfus, Louise Antony, Lynn Rudder Baker, Andy Clark, Rick Grush and Pete Mandik, Frank Jackson, Anne Jacobson, Georges Rey