Philosophical Quarterly of Israel

edited by Asa Kasher

VOL 29 NOS 1-4 (2002)


Philosophical Survey:
Philip Montague      On Punishment

John Write           The Explanatory Role of Realism
Stephen Kershnar     The Structure of rights Forfeiture in the Context of Culpable Wrongdoing
Paul M. Hughes       The Logic of Temptation
Kim Atkins           Friendship, Trust and Forgiveness
Raf de Clercq and    Autugraphic and Allographic Aspects of Ritual
Paul Cortois
M.J. Garcia-Encinas  Necessity in Singular Causation
David Graves         On Presenting Works of Art: An  Analysis of Meaning in the Second Intention
Charles Sayward      A Conversation about Numbers
Andrew Sneddon       Semanticity: Which Way to Turn
Jane Duran           Two Arguments against Foundationalism
Stephen Hetherington The Grue Possibility as a Sceptical Possibility
Janine Jones         Possibly Turning Out and Metaphysical Possibility
David Kaspar         The End of the Sea Battle Story
Daniel Lorca         A Critique of Moser's Book Philosophy after Objectivity
Sara Worley          In Defence of Counterfactuals
Andreas Blank        Wittgenstein's Tractatus and the Problem of Phenomenological Language
Michael V. Antony    Towards and Ontological Interpretation of Dennett's Theory of Consciousness

John M. Collins      Ryan on Epistemic Closure Principles
Tjeerd B. Jongeling
and Teun Koetsier    Blindspots, Self-Reference and the Prediction Paradox
Eric Carlson         In Defence of the Mind Argument
John Lemos           Sober and Wilson and Nozick and the Experience Machine
Ari Maunu            A Problem with De Re Belief Ascription
Tamata Zutlevics     Relational Selves, Personal Autonomy and Oppression

Timothy Cleveland    Universals and Property Instances: The Alphabet of Being, by John Bacon

Oded Balaban         Good Taxes, by Alex C. Michalos
Timothy Cleveland    Kant's Early Metaphysics, by Alison Laywine
Anthony Graybosch    Getting What You Want? A critique of Liberal Morality, by Bob Brecher

Published by Bar Ilan University, Israel

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