Etudier la puissance maritime britannique à travers la série VIGIL en DNL anglais

DNL-Histoire-Géo-Anglais - Niveau Terminale : « The UK : a maritime power ? ».


Objectifs notionnels : maritime power, nuclear deterrence (nuclear powered attack submarine), Royal Navy, EEZ, BOT


Capacités – compétences : Understand what is the « nuclear deterrence » and how it is implemented. Know where are the british naval bases. Know what is life on a nuclear submarine. British naval forces (HMS).


Documents  / outils mobilisés :

- 10 premières minutes de la série VIGIL (passe régulièrement sur VIGIL is a British television series created by Tom Edge (produced by World Production) aired on BBC One in August 2021; on in January 2023

Plot: A crew member is found dead aboard the Trident nuclear submarine of the Royal Navy HMS VIGIL. Detective Chief of the Scottish Police Service Amy Silva is flown out to investigate…


Activités des élèves :

1st  session (1h) : Watch the first 10 minutes of the series « VIGIL » - or the trailer if the series is not available.

Questions about : the Royal Navy, nuclear submarine, naval base, opponents of nuclear power, women on board…


2d session (1h) : VIGIL versus reality (in addition to the documents listed, use the Royal Navy website)

Questions : (for example : « Does HMS Vigil exist ? » - no, but the HMS Viligant exists ! And also 3 others… manes.  What are their missions ? What is the nuclear deterrence ?...)



Evaluation : Use the Royal Navy website ; then choose a ship. You are different members of the crew. Present your ship, its / her mission, your own role on board…